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DVD Killer Cut ( John Kaplan )

DVD Killer Cut ( John Kaplan )



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One handkerchief. One newspaper. One cut.

They saw it happen. Or did they?

Your spectators will be doubling their own senses after they witness this diabolically devastating double restoration.

Here's what your spectators see...

  • You openly show a silk handkerchief and a sheet of newspaper.
  • The silk is fairly placed into the folded newspaper.
  • The newspaper and handkerchief are cut in half.
  • The halves of both the handkerchief and newspaper are shown to be unmistakably separate.
  • Both the handkerchief and the newspaper are again cleanly and openly shown.

No switches. No steals. NO worries. Nothing added or taken away.

Completely self-contained. Practically self working and exceptionally clean and easy in handling. You show the same handkerchief and newspaper openly and deliberately both before and after the effect.

It is a perfect re-creation of a classic stage illusion - Sawing a Lady in Half - that you can preform almost anywhere with things you can literally carry in your pocket.

  • Fun to perform.
  • Tools magicians
  • Simple, direct plot
  • Ultra clean, ultra visual
  • Resets in under 60 seconds
  • Packs flat, carry in your pocket
  • Easy and inexpensive to prepare
  • Re-use the same silk and newspaper over and over
  • Perform with sleeves rolled up, without sleeves, or completely naked.
  • Diabolical method - the "work" happens right under their noses but is completely invisible & undetectable.

A proven audience hit in hundreds of performances. Ideal for corporate entertainers, school and family performers, stage magicians and illusionists. The classic "cut and restored" plot - that evokes the same astonished audience response as a major stage illusion.

DVD Includes:

  • single shot performance.
  • easy to follow step-by-step video instruction.
  • John's audience-proven commercial word-for-word patter and routine.
  • handling & presentational tips
  • Bonus live performance video.

Running Time Approximately: 44mins


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Steeve M

Merci a toute l'équipe
je compte faire un tour ou j'ai besoin de 2 enveloppes a changes et pas plus. Ce tour je vais le faire qu'un fois.
Donc je ne suis pas obligé d'acheter 20 enveloppes.
super idée, j'aime bien quand on pense a tout le monde.
merci encore

    Stéphane F

    5 enveloppes à change pour 4 Euros (0.8 Euros l'enveloppe) et 22 enveloppes pour 29 Euros (1.3 Euros l'enveloppe). Comment cela se fait que plus on en achète, plus c'est cher !!!
    Est ce que c'est la même qualité que Recipe. Si c'est la même qualité, autant en prendre 35 pour 28 Euros.

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      DVD Killer Cut ( John Kaplan )

      DVD Killer Cut ( John Kaplan )

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