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Triage ( Danny Weiser & Shin Lim )

Triage ( Danny Weiser & Shin Lim )


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In today's society, everything is fast paced. We must not waste time going from one place to another, and even certain social media outlets have time constraining video lengths. With less than a quarter of a minute for media such as Instagram, how are we supposed to demonstrate the full potential of a long winded, old fashioned, piece by piece TNR restoration?

Danny Weiser, a creative thinker for the modern magician, introduces his take on the TNR. It's swift, magical, and direct. Welcome to Triage.

* Triage comes with all the necessary parts required to perform this effect with the exception of a glue stick and scotch tape. Some assembly required.

Une création signée Danny Weiser & Shin Lim

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Triage ( Danny Weiser & Shin Lim )

Triage ( Danny Weiser & Shin Lim )

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