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Deformer by Menny Lindenfeld

Deformer by Menny Lindenfeld


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"DEFORMER™ by Menny Lindenfeld is the most amazing metal bending tool I have ever seen."

Menny Lindenfeld, the creator of the OX BENDER™, brings you DEFORMER™ - The ultimate LIVE SHOW BENDING & TWISTING tool.

DEFORMER™ is a new metal bending tool specifically designed for bending spoons, forks, keys and even nails, into impossible shapes - BENDS YOU CANNOT ACHIEVE BY HAND.

DEFORMER™ is designed for use during LIVE SHOW performances. And to make the bending of strong metal objects SUPER EASY.

DEFORMER™ hides in plain sight. There is nothing to conceal, add, ditch or switch. So you can focus 100% of your attention on presentation.

DEFORMER™ can be used anywhere. Use it impromptu, close up, walk-around, on the street, and on stage. Carry it with you everywhere you go. And It'll always be ready for you, to perform on-the-fly!

DEFORMER™ has been used by Menny Lindenfeld for many years and has been AUDIENCE-TESTED IN COUNTLESS LIVE- SHOW PERFORMANCES.

DEFORMER™ is a high quality, precision-made, metal gimmick, built to last a lifetime!

DEFORMER™ is your secret weapon, that will take your metal bending abilities to the next level.

Bend Spoons (Spiral Twisting) --

  • Easily BEND A PERFECTLY-STRAIGHT SPIRAL TWIST into the neck of a borrowed & signed spoon, under the noses of your spectators, DURING A LIVE PERFORMANCE.

  • A perfectly-straight spiral twist, allows for smooth animation, as the audience watches the spoon "actually" twisting.

  • You can also BEND MULTIPLE SPIRALS into a single spoon (3-4 spirals).

Bend, Twist & Break Forks --

  • During a live show performance, with almost NO EFFORT, TWIST THE TINES of a borrowed signed fork - into a SPIRAL CORKSCREW SHAPE. A bend that can hardly be achieved even with the use of pliers.

  • You can also BEND THE TINES to an IMPOSSIBLE 90 DEGREE ANGLE - at the CENTER OF EACH TINE - bend 90° to all directions; upwards, downwards or sideways.

  • Alternatively, bend the tines into an arc shape.

  • Bend two tines simultaneously.

  • Create a double bend ("S" shape) in a single tine.

  • Or use DEFORMER™ to easily break an unprepared fork's tine in half.

Bend steel nails --

  • Bend strong steel nails into a "HOOK" shape - to an impossible 20-120 degree angle.

Bend, Twist & Break keys --

  • Twist borrowed keys into a spiral shape.

  • Easily Break a key in half.

  • Or bend a key into an arc shape.

Other features;

  • High quality, precision-made metal gimmick - built to last a lifetime.

  • Designed for use during live show performances. (Can also be used pre-show).

  • Audience-tested In countless live shows.

  • Gimmick hides in plain sight!

  • Nothing to conceal, add or ditch.

  • No switches. No pulls. No sleeving.

  • Use it for impromptu, close up, walk-around, on the street & on stage.

  • No Preparations. No Reset. It's always be ready for you to perform-on-the-fly!

  • Hassle-free gimmick.

  • Easily carry DEFORMER™ with you everywhere you go!

  • Comes complete with gimmick + video tutorial (Download / Full HD 1080p / 150 minutes).

In the video tutorial Menny Lindenfeld will teach you:

  • Various methods & techniques for using DEFORMER™ for bending spoons, forks, nails & keys.

  • To bend a perfectly straight spiral twist into the neck of a singed spoon.

  • To bend multi spirals in a single spoon.

  • To bend a spiral twist into the tine of a borrowed signed fork.

  • To bend the tines of a borrowed signed fork into a 90° angle (all directions).

  • To bend the tines of a fork into an arc shape.

  • To create a double bend in a single tine ("S" shape).

  • To bend two tines simultaneously (double tine bend).

  • To prepare a fork, during a live show, for a tine break (x2 methods).

  • To create an arc shaped bend + tine twist + preparation for a break - in one continues motion (This prepares the fork for a 3 phase routine; Bending, Twisting & Breaking).

  • To bend the lower tip of the handle of both a fork & a spoon.

  • To bend strong steel nails to a 20°-120° angle.

  • To bend a signed key into an arc shape.

  • To twist a signed key into a corkscrew shape.

  • To break a signed key in half.

  • Performance methods for bending; spoons / forks / nails / keys.

  • Live stage performance + explanation.

  • And more...


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Deformer by Menny Lindenfeld

Deformer by Menny Lindenfeld

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